English Irregular Verbs

June 13, 2007

I “have the courage to ignore populism.”

You “look over your shoulder at the [American] public .”

He’s a dictator.


Fantasy League Baseball Wk3

April 23, 2007

Pujols?  Who?

Boston’s pitchers and Renteria saved me.

All*Star Game Ballot

April 23, 2007

The All*Star Game Ballot is now open on mlb.com. I’ve listed my quick picks below (trying not to be too biased towards Boston nor my fantasy team; meaning I’ve got far too many Yankees for my liking).

Everyone can vote up to 25 times.

First Base: Ortiz, D., BOS Howard, R., PHI
Second Base: Cano, R., NYY Biggio, C., HOU
Third Base: Rodriguez, A., NYY Wright, D., NYM
Shortstop: Jeter, D., NYY Renteria, E., ATL
Catcher: Varitek, J., BOS Lo Duca, P., NYM
Outfielder: Abreu, B., NYY Beltran, C., NYM
Outfielder: Damon, J., NYY Bonds, B., SF
Outfielder: Drew, J., BOS Soriano, A., CHC

p.s. Just realised I’ve left out Pujols: Given his poor showing for my team so far, it bloody serves him right.

Fantasy Baseball: Wk1

April 11, 2007

  Despite an awful week from Pujols, the Yankees’ OF pairing of Damon and Matsui letting me down with poor showings and injuries, and the Red Sox’s wayward pitching, I won my first game and top my league’s Central division.  This was largely thanks to a storming week from Lo Duca at catcher, which I thought would be my weakest position.

Now I’m merely plagued by fears of doom having followed my head after rafting Pujols rather than my heart and getting Big Pappy.

This week:  OUT Matsui (injury), Dye (hello?); IN Granderson (can he continue?); Swisher (despite saying on Five’s baseball show that he wouldn’t draft himself).

‘Man Law’ Dropped

February 2, 2007

Sadly one of my favourite series of beer commercials in recent times has been dropped. Miller Lite have apparently axed the campaignbefore Sunday’s Super Bowl in the face of declining sales.

Obviously there was an unwritten man law: don’t drink horrid expensive tasteless beer.

Licenced to Kill

December 23, 2006

So the Government has decreed that the TV Licencing fee shall decrease in real-terms over the next seven years.  A move that was declared to be in line with a “tough spending round” for HMG departments, n.b. these are not ‘Tory cuts’.

Fine, I say.

Yes, it was silly for the BBC to agree to a new charter, and all the requirements that entails, before it had secured funding.  But a large chunk of money has been put aside within the BBC budget for additional projects relating to the transformation to digital TV and the analogue switch-off.

Extra-ordinary costs! you doubtless say.  How can the Licence fee payers be expected to pay for the jump across to digital?

Well, they might not have to.  The analogue switch-off will free up lots of prime real-estate in the UHF spectrum.  This time around the telcos aren’t going to get their fingers burned again after the 3G fiasco, but the auction of the spare frequencies should still raise a pretty penny.  Brown wasn’t planning on keeping all that money to himself, was he?

Let the Beeb / Channel 4 / ITV / 5 keep the dosh raised from the analogue auction and make them plough it into assisting folks with digiboxes and new digital programming.

Just so long as it’s not more Robin Hood.

AFI 100 Films

December 9, 2006

Last night I watched the very enjoyable Annie Hall, a film that rivals Duck Soup for the sheer rapidity of laughs from the central character.  Everytime I find a film particularly interesting, it is always fun to look at it’s IMDB and Wikipedia entries.  In doing so today, I noticed Annie Hall appears high on the America Film Institute’s Top 100 polls for overall best (#31), laughs (#4), passions (#11), songs (#90), and quotes (#55). [Did no one else find the frequent sight of Woody Allen in bed scary, I wonder?]

These AFI polls were conducted last year (2005) and, while I agree with the appearance of Annie Hall in those top 100s, some of the other listings are simply weird and a lot about the viewing public can be read into the entries…

  1. Take the ‘100 Cheers‘, i.e., the most inspiring movies.  A lot of movies appearing on the list, I admit, are quite inspiring, but what makes them good films are their cautionary tales that often end in disaster:
    • Bridge on the River Kwai (#14)?
    • The Right Stuff (#19)?  Grissom’s vessel “failing” on re-entry, most of the surviving original test-pilots being sidelined, and then Grissom being burned to death because the removal of explosive latches that failed for him at the end of M4.  Cheery stuff indeed.
    • Lawrence of Arabia (#30)?  The disasterous occupation of Damascus after the ‘traumatised’ Lawrence orders the Tafas massacre and his subsequent removal by the Army.
    • 2001?  A Beautiful Mind? Chariots of Fire? [I just noticed that all but one of these is based on a real story; what does that tell you about the world?]
  2. And then there’s the 100 Quotes!
    • Why have “Plastics” (#42) above “Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?” (#63)
    • Why no Duck Soup? [it was nominated three times in the 400 nominations]
    • Why a silly Keaton quote from Annie Hall (#55)? [there were two Alvy quotes nominated]
    • Interestly, “Excellent”, “We’re not worthy!”, and “One Million Dollars!” didn’t make the Top 100, which shows you how high-brow the vote was.